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Who We Are

Who We Are


We are a network of Host Homes (families, married couples, and individuals) in the Greater Akron, Ohio area who open up our houses and lives to a vulnerable pregnant mother so she doesn't have to travel the journey into motherhood alone. We are committed to living life alongside a mom and her child in a practical and life-giving way.

We are a connection to Community Partners who work with pregnant women and their children to ensure that all their needs are being met. Our wrap-around services aim to meet the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental needs of our mothers and connect them to the vast resources that our community has to offer.

We are a link between the Local Church and a population who desperately needs to know and experience the love of Jesus in action. The church body can and must step into this vital area of hospitality and we partner with churches to do so, providing "hands-on" opportunities to create relationships with those who need to know they aren't forgotten by God's People.

Pregnant Woman in Nature

Our mission as a faith-based, non-profit organization is to serve vulnerable pregnant women and their children by providing a safe haven through housing, supportive relationships, and the power and love of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is that through Christ’s redemptive power, all vulnerable women and their children live in safe, supportive, affordable home environments, resulting in lower infant mortality rates, preventing the need for foster care and resulting in a community of thriving families.

Our method is providing refuge through Biblical hospitality and grace with the goal of protecting the bond between mother and child as they find safe shelter in a family environment and then move to supportive independent housing with a new outlook.

Let’s Work Together

PO Box 67322

Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

Phone: 330-227-4733


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