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Imagine being pregnant and alone, with no safe place to call home or people to call family

Imagine God's people stepping into the very place where hope is needed most

Now, more than ever, women in our community are finding themselves pregnant, alone, with no place to turn. What if we invited them to become family?

Our mission is to serve vulnerable pregnant women and their children in the Greater Akron, Ohio area by providing a safe haven through housing, supportive relationships, and the power and love of Jesus Christ.

Our Model

Refuge Host Homes serves any pregnant woman in crisis, age 18 and older, who needs safe, supportive housing in order to carry her baby to full term and to be equipped for the challenges of motherhood.


Host Home Experience

Mother is matched with a Host Home and lives with the host family through the remainder of her pregnancy and postpartum period until her baby is about 6 months old, finding safety and refuge in a family and learning new life skills as she transitions into motherhood.


Independent Supportive Housing

Following the Hosting Experience,

 Mother and her child will transition into an individual apartment owned by a Restorative Landlord who helps her to grow towards dignified independence. Monthly rent assistance is provided through our Partner Churches.

God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.

 Psalm 68:6

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